Joe Tropea | director, producer, writer

Joe Tropea earned a Masters in Historical Studies with a concentration in Public History at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. He currently works at the Maryland Historical Society where he is the Curator of Films and Photographs and a co-founder of the Preserve the Baltimore Uprising Archive Project. In 2013 he co-directed the award winning documentary Hit & Stay: a history of faith and resistance.


Skizz Cyzyk | director of photography, producer

Skizz Cyzyk has been making films since 1983 and has worked for numerous film festivals since 1997. His filmography includes documentary features Icepick To The Moon, Hit & Stay and Freaks In Love; documentary shorts David Fair Is The King, Alfred Jarry & 'Pataphysics and Little Castles; music videos for Young Fresh Fellows and Beach House; and many more.

Robert A. Emmons Jr. | editor, producer writer

Robert A. Emmons Jr. is the Associate Director of the Digital Studies Center and an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Fine Arts Department at Rutgers University-Camden. His 2014 film, Diagram for Delinquents, is about Fredric Wertham and the comic book panic of the 1940’s and ‘50s. It has played at various comic book conventions including Wizard World Chicago and the San Diego Comic Con. His previous films include the award winning Goodwill: The Flight of Emilio Carranza (2007), and De Luxe: The Tale of Blue Comet (2010).


Jennifer A. Ferretti | producer

Jennifer A. Ferretti has a BFA in Photography from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and a MSLIS from Pratt Institute. Her online guide Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' and Information Resources has become a widely consulted reference in both popular and academic circles, illuminating many of the artistic, filmic, and political influences that helped shape the iconic visual album. In addition to her contributions to films, including producing Hit & Stay (2013), she specializes in born-digital media preservation and focuses on research methodologies of artists.

Jeff Krulik | archival research, producer

Jeff Krulik is a director of independent films and a former Discovery Channel producer. Krulik's work frequently explores the fringes of popular culture from an enthusiastic and appreciative point of view. He has been making documentaries since 1986 and knows the National Archives like the back of his hand. His film and video work includes the cult phenomenon “Heavy Metal Parking Lot,” Led Zeppelin Played Here, “Hitler’s Hat,” and “Earnest Borgnine on the Bus.”